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Walking floor functioning

A walkingfloor, moving floor or sliding floor system is widely used for bulk transport of unpacked goods such as:

  • wood
  • sand
  • household waste
  • potting compost
  • biomass

It is a smart and convenient system, unloading actually goes automatically! The hydraulically controlled floor works the load outwards. The system has several groups of three slats. The total number of floor slats is a multiple of three (usually 21). When unloading the load, the entire floor moves backwards. The first slide causes the rear part of the load to fall out of the bin. Then the slats of each group retract in turn. Since two-thirds of the floor remains stationary each time it retracts, the load stays down during these three slides. After that, the system is back to square one and will push out the next part of the load.

Video: how does it work?

The following video shows how this works (source: Keith Walkingfloor):

Which hydraulics do you need for your truck?

At GEJE you can buy a complete hydraulic set for any brand of truck. Our configurator will help you put together the right set. See our dedicated page for more information about the sets.

Where can you buy a walking floor?

Walkingfloor is a name commonly used, but the brand 'Walkingfloor' is owned by Keith Walking Floor. You can use their site to find a dealer for new systems but there are several sites that also sell second-hand systems.

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