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Quick couplings

In hydraulics, there are many different products. An important part in hydraulics are the quick couplings. What are these quick couplings for and which ones are available? A quick coupling simply provides a simple, quick connection between various components. All quick couplings we supply comply with ISO standards.

Types of hydraulic quick couplings
At GEJE we offer four different hydraulic quick couplings. These are the following:

  • Standard / push-pull quick couplings
  • Screw quick couplings
  • Flat face quick couplings
  • Multi quick couplings

The quick couplings are supplied by several brands. These include Argus, Faster, Gromelle, Inteva, Parker, Rectus and Stucchi.

Standard / push-pull quick couplings

Standard quick couplings are the simple hydraulic quick couplings from brands such as Faster. These are suitable to apply in many situations. This is also the most common quick coupling used. This also includes push-pull quick couplings. Coupling and uncoupling this quick coupling is done by pulling the sleeve backwards, releasing the insert.

Screw quick couplings

Screw quick connectors are specially designed for heavy, high-pressure applications. Connecting and disconnecting is done by screwing on the sleeve. The connection is fixed on the thread between the sleeve and the female coupling. The screw quick connectors are also interchangeable with similar products.

Flat face snelkoppelingen

Flat face quick couplings, also called flat face quick couplings, ensure that no leakage occurs during disconnection and connection.

Multi quick couplings

Finally, we have the multi quick couplings, by MultiFaster. This quick coupling is designed for connecting several hoses at once. The MultiFasters save time because you only need to connect them to one unit. Under residual pressure, these quick couplings are simple to disconnect and the flat-sealing cartridges make the coupling virtually leak-free when disconnecting and connecting.

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