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Hydraulic tank

What are the functions of a hydraulic tank?

A hydraulic tank is an essential part of your hydraulics kit. However, what are the functions of a hydraulic tank? A hydraulic tank's role is to hold a volume of fluid, transfer heat from the system, settle solid contaminants and facilitate the release of air and moisture from the fluid. The latter can be done via a filter element filler cap high or filter element filler cap low. However, this does not have eternal life! It is therefore useful to replace the filter element at least twice a year.

A hydraulic tank is the reservoir where you collect the fluid that is pumped through a hydraulic system. You connect this tank to an installation and fill it with hydraulic oil. Whether it is a chassis-mounted hydraulic tank, a combi tank or a hydraulic tank behind the cab.

Note! Tanks always store a reserve. This is to prevent oil leakage and evaporation. Therefore, the dimensions of a tank, its capacity and the place where it is placed are important. If an incorrect tank is placed on a hydraulic system, it can cause reduced performance.

Heat transfer

The function of the hydraulic tank is to transfer heat from the system. This is done through the walls of the hydraulic tank. This keeps the oil in the system at temperature. The larger a tank is, the more power it has to cool down.

Letting solid contaminants settle

When a hydraulic system is 'off', all the dirt that the oil in the hydraulic tank has absorbed will rest and sink to the bottom of the tank. When this happens, it is important to remove the dirt from the tank. By doing so, you prevent accumulation of dirt, which can damage the hydraulic system.

How big should a hydraulic tank be?

A large tank is always at an advantage over a smaller tank. The bigger the tank, the better it is for your hydraulic system. Only, after the tank is installed, everything in the system still has to fit! That is why there is a rule that the tank placed on the hydraulic system must be able to carry at least 2.5 times the volume flow of the corresponding pump of the system. Example: if a pump consumes 10 litres per minute, the tank must have a capacity of at least 25 litres. Can't do that? Then it is useful in case of frequent use to purchase a hydraulic oil cooler.

GEJE always has a suitable tank for you in its range. We supply these separately or in a complete hydraulic drive system, intended for tippers, walking floors, cranes and low loaders, for example.

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