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Hydraulic hoses

Hydraulic hoses are an indispensable link in your TK system. It is therefore vital to choose a hose with the right specifications. This reduces your risk of downtime due to leaks, bursting or loosening of the hose.

Depending on your system, you should consider the inner and outer diameter of the hose, the maximum allowable pressure of the hose, the number of steel inlays and the bending radius. The material of the outer jacket is also important. Consider, among other things, wear resistance or heat resistance.

The main maxims for the ideal choice in hose diameter are:

- The oil velocity in a delivery hose should not exceed 20 ft/sec (6 m/s).
- The oil velocity in a suction hose should not exceed 4 ft/sec (1.3 m/s).
- The oil velocity in the return line should not exceed 10 ft/sec (3 m/s).

The table below is a useful aid here:

For cost reasons, too small a hose diameter is often chosen in practice. This often results in unnecessary energy consumption because the resistance in the hose is far too high.

The bending radius of a hose should definitely be taken into account. Do you install a hose where the maximum bending radius is exceeded? Then the life of the hose is reduced by up to 90% sometimes. There is also a chance that the hose will burst immediately upon commissioning.

When pressing the hose, make sure you use the right pillar and hose fitting with the chosen hose. Once you have crimped the sleeve around the hose to the indicated outer diameter of the sleeve, you should check the deformation of the pillar with a gauge. The outer diameter is only an indication, the calibre is normative!

GEJE stocks a wide range of hoses and fittings. You can also come to us for the matching protective spiral and hose cover. Still in doubt about the right choice of hose? GEJE can always help you make the right choice for your hose. Of course our sales team is always ready for you!

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